Vision & Strategy

It is by combining our values ​​of loyalty and respect with our customers and suppliers that we maintain our status as a family and independent business. We are investing massively so that our products are available everywhere and at all times, using the latest digital technologies. We are developing close partnerships with the best suppliers to enable our customers to be successful today and tomorrow.

Our mission

is to carry out ambitious projects for the good of everyone. We want to go beyond our trade as a distributor. Today, we have become the strategic partner for the success of professionals.


Our vision for the future

is to provide a unique experience to our customers, suppliers and partners. The quality of human relations, respect, authentic partnerships, an increased presence in the regions and the use of the best of technology: it is thanks to this that we will keep our position as a pioneer in our field.


Our ambition

is to develop internally and externally. Thanks to a strong territorial anchoring and an optimal and omnichannel customer experience, we are affirming our position as a key player in the market. Our goals ? Develop our presence in Central and Eastern Europe, extend our partnerships and deploy our product offer.

MBIS reflects three key values

Today, we belong to a solid independent Group with a stable family shareholding that allows us to plan for the long term at the service of our customers, in an environment in constant evolution.

Respect for candidates, customers or suppliers 
Ambition, with a desire to always innovate
Performance, whether economic, social and societal or environmental